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Professional 3D Printing

We offer in house Professional 3D Printing Technology using production-grade thermoplastics.

Our 3D printing service allows three dimensional digital designs (typically a CAD file) to be turned into physical objects that can be used for prototypes and to produce finished cast parts.

If you have an idea or an object but no CAD model for us to work to, we can produce a 3D digital file on your behalf.

3D printing is achieved using an ‘additive layer process’ whereby successive layers of material are laid on top of each other to create different shapes to produce accurate 3D models.

3D Printing can accelerate both the design and rapid prototyping processes. This method produces low cost rapid prototypes with a fast turnaround.

This Rapid Prototyping method allows for production of a cast part at unrivalled speed. It is also extremely cost efficient as it removes the need for solid tooling at the prototype stage. This process is also ideal for small production quantities.

The Process:

  1. CAD file data or design idea
  2. Part is 3D Printed using FDM Technology in real ABSplus thermoplastic
  3. We produce a silicone rubber mould around the 3D printed part.
  4. The 3D printed part is removed.
  5. Produce wax part using the silicone rubber mould.
  6. Wax part then follows our usual process to become a cast part.
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