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The manufacture of castings involves highly skilled processes and the following describes each individual stage

Stage 1

The Process - Step 1

Our in house tool maker produces an aluminium die from customer drawings.

Stage 2

The Process - Step 2

A wax mould of the component to be cast is produced by injecting high-technology wax into the aluminium die.

Stage 3

The Process - Step 3

A number of wax components are then mounted on to a wax runner. Each runner may contain one large component or numerous small components.

Stage 4

The Process - Step 4

The whole wax assembly is then dipped (or invested) into a water based binder and receives a Primary Coat of fine silica sand. This fine material is used first to give a smooth refractory surface finish and reproduce fine details. The coated assembly is then dried in a temperature controlled environment.

Stage 5

The Process - Step 5

The Primary Coated assembly is then dipped into a water based binder and is coated with ceramic particles. This is then dried in a temperature controlled environment. Further layers are added and dried until the mould (investment) is the required thickness.

Stage 6

The Process - Step 6

Once completely dried the mould is placed in a steam autoclave to melt out the wax; the process is sometimes called the lost wax process. Now just the ceramic shell remains.

Stage 7

The Process - Step 7

The ceramic shell is then fired at approx 1000° C to remove any moisture and residual wax and to cure the shell. The shell is now a ceramic impression of the part to be cast.

Stage 8

The Process - Step 8

Whilst the ceramic shell is hot, it is filled with molten metal, creating the metal casting.

Stage 9

The Process - Step 9

Once the metal has cooled, the ceramic shell is removed leaving a casting that requires little or no finishing.

Stage 10

The Process - Step 10

Next the castings are cut away from the runner and any necessary final post-processing (sandblasting, polishing, machining) is done to finish the casting.

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